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The Founder

Late Sri Kedar Nath Singh M.Com L.L.B. S/o Late Sri Thakur Ram Pal Singh and Smt. Jagwanti Singh was born in 1928 in a farmer family of a remote village ‘Balua’ about 65 km from Dist. Sultanpur, He got his education from Sultanpur upto higher secondary followed by bachelors degree from Udai Pratap College Varanasi and M.Com. L.L.B. from Allahabad University in year 1955. He took active part in students politics led by Indian Students Congress and jailed twice for participation in Quit India Movement of 1942.Through his continuous struggle for liberation against poverty and his sacrifice for the poor Sri Singh maintained his untiring efforts for autonomy of the university and students participation in social and political movement. He fought for the social justice and welfare of the depressed and a deprived people. He got his political status as Member of Parliament in 1971.He was inducted as Union Deputy Minister for Parliamentary Affairs ( 1971-74) and   Agriculture and Irrigation 1974-77 in the Central Government headed by Late Smt. Indira Gandhi. Sri Singh was a widely travelled person across the world in 16 countries. His consistent efforts for modernization through academic excellence and application of science and technology will always be remembered by millions of people in India.
कमला नेहरु इंस्टिट्यूट की स्थापना का मकसद महज एक तालीमी इदारा कायम करना नहीं है , बल्कि इस पुरे इलाके की ग़ुरबत की लड़ाई इसी इरादे से उसी दोहरे निश्चय के साथ लड़ना है, जिस अज़म के साथ इस इलाके के बाशिंदों ने सन 1857 की जंगे आज़ादी लड़ी थी॥ "आर्थिक आज़ादी के लिए जंग का मरकज कमला नेहरु इंस्टिट्यूट है" : संस्थापक स्व0 बाबू श्री केदार नाथ सिंह (1928 - 1999)